3: April 20, 2021. Featuring Robert Benzie, Andrew Coyne, The Boy King and the Motor City Madman, the not real, Ted Nugent.

This month, we talk about:

Ontario’s COVID response.

Why is the GOP still backing Donald Trump?

What does the panel think of Conservative Leader, Erin O’Toole’s climate plan and his press conference?

Would you wear the Team Canada’s, Summer Olympic closing ceremony jackets?

No Fact or Fiction this month. Instead we all recommend some TV shows, books, activities, etc, that have been helping us get through the lockdowns.

Featuring: Robert Benzie (The Toronto Star), Andrew Coyne (The Globe & Mail, CBC’s At Issue), Kayla Lorette (as The Boy King) and Kris Siddiqi (as the completely fake, Ted Nugent).

Hosted by David Shore.

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