Podcast Episode

June 2nd, 2020. Featuring Andrew Coyne, Robert Benzie, Tiny House Enthusiast, Muriel, and the fake Doug McKenzie.

Please note there are some sound issues with the into to this episode. The show is taking a planned break over the summer and will be back in the fall.

Things discussed:
What would you like to see the Canadian government due during the COVID-19 recovery?
What’s your long shot pick for something to happen over the summer and into the fall?
Who will win the Conservative Leadership race in August?
Will you be able to go back to work if you are sick, or has that now changed forever?
And we play Fact or Fiction.

Featuring journalists, Andrew Coyne (The Globe & Mail, CBC’s At Issue) and Robert Benzie (The Toronto Star’s Queen’s Park Bureau Chief). Improvisers, Lisa Merchant (as Tiny Houser, Muriel) and Paul Constable (as Doug McKenzie). Hosted by David Shore.

If you enjoy the show, we ask that you make a donation in any amount to The Native Women’s Association of Canada ( or to Black Lives Matter (

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