Podcast Episode

March 27th, 2020. Ft, Andrew Coyne, Robert Benzie, Supermarket cashier and Katherine Hepburn.

This show’s topics include:

  1. The Canadian governments (Federal, Provincial & Local) responses to COVID-19.

  2. Misinformation. Rumours, hoaxes and what island is that woman on that viral recording from

  3. Should the stock markets be shut down?

  4. What are you reading, watching, doing to help pass the time?

And we play, Real or Fake?

Featuring journalists, Andrew Coyne (The Globe & Mail, CBC’s At Issue) and Robert Benzie (The Toronto Star’s Queen’s Park Bureau Chief). Improvisers, Aurora Browne (as supermarket cashier, Robyn Neufeldt) and Liz Johnston (as Academy Award winner, Katherine Hepburn). Hosted by David Shore.

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